Jobs With High Divorce Rates

Though both marriage and divorce rates are declining, divorce is still fairly common in Arizona. 1 Every year, thousands of couples decide to go their separate ways and begin new lives apart from one another. For those who are in or are entering into a marriage, divorce can be an intimidating and outright scary concept.

Many people wish to know how to foretell which marriages will end in divorce. Unfortunately, there is no perfect algorithm that can determine which marriages will last and which won’t. A lot of marriages end because of a combination of factors that become insurmountable.

However, individuals in certain professions may be more likely to divorce than other people. In some cases, this may be because the job does not pay enough; economic hardship has been shown to lead to divorce.2 However, there are other factors that can lead employees in some industries to be more prone to divorce.

Bringing Work Stress Home

It should be no surprise that jobs and divorce are correlated in some way. For most people, work is a large consumer of time. It makes sense that one’s work would have some impact on one’s home and personal life.

Stress is a common part of having a job. 3 Whether you are working with your hands, sitting at a desk, or have variable responsibilities, you have likely faced tension and stress about your job. Most people want to perform their tasks well, and this adds pressure to one’s daily performance. The stress of the tasks themselves, coupled with the pressure of providing for one’s family, can create significant stress for employees.

When employees are stressed, they often bring their concerns home with them. Sometimes, they are able to discuss their concerns. In other situations, they simply bring tension from their work environment into their home. This can ignite arguments and create an unpleasant home environment if not properly managed. This kind of environment creates a situation in which pent-up outside concerns, issues, and resentments can easily arise in an argument. When these kinds of explosive fights occur between couples, they can begin to erode the marriage.

If employees are not cautious, the stress from their job can do major damage to their families and relationships. When people do not safely and properly express their emotions, they create unpleasant situations throughout their lives. These unpleasant situations often lead their partner to consider divorce.

What Jobs Are Most Associated With Divorce?

As mentioned, workers in some professions are at a higher risk for divorce than others. In some situations, the industry has added stressors that create tension in a marriage. In other situations, the employees work strange hours or long shifts, which can create a work-home imbalance. Yet, other professions create environments where it is easy to make choices that affect a marriage, such as drinking too much, going on work outings, or being unfaithful. No matter the reason, it is important to be aware if you or your spouse works in one of these industries. You may be at an elevated risk of divorce.

Gaming Managers

Gaming Managers

Gaming and casino managers seem to have the highest divorce rate of any profession, with around 52% of marriages ending in divorce. There are many possibilities regarding why this may be. Casino employees keep abnormal working hours, as their industry is busiest on nights and weekends. Gaming managers are often given drinks on the job, meaning that they may arrive home inebriated after a shift. What’s more, there are many other salacious activities that occur at casinos and gaming halls, which can easily get employees into trouble with either the law or their spouses.



Members of the armed forces often have high divorce rates as well. Military jobs are high-stress and require intense dedication. Many families have to move from base to base without having a say in the decision, and the work is often underpaid. In order to remain with their loved ones, military employees often marry young, which is also a risk factor for divorce.4 Military members are often stressed or on high alert, which can take a significant toll on their mental health. This can create issues and increase the tension in their marriage.

In many of these marriages, the couple does not have the time, energy, or financial resources to properly address and resolve their issues. In others, frequent deployments, military schools, and other separations can create stress, reduce the marital bond, and even invite temptation. For some military members, divorce is a solution to unhappiness.

Food Service

Food Service

Individuals who work in the food service industry are more likely to get divorced than in other industries. This includes professions such as bartending, serving, or cooking at a restaurant, nightclub, or bar. Generally speaking, long hours play a significant role in this statistic. Most food service workers have to work nights and weekends, often without significant pay. Even with tips, waitstaff and bartenders do not usually make the kind of money that would be required to offset the detrimental lifestyle.

The service industry is also highly stressful, despite the inadequate pay. Restaurants and bars are often busy, and the stressful work environment can lead to mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. Substance abuse is also common in the service industry, which can lead to significant problems within a marriage.

Healthcare Support

Healthcare Support

Healthcare support staff positions have high rates of divorce. This category includes positions such as nursing assistants, home health aides, hospice careers, physical therapy assistants, etc. They often have to take care of a patient’s most basic needs, such as bathing and general hygiene. Some patients face terminal illnesses or end-of-life plans. These situations can easily leave an individual feeling emotionally and physically drained at the end of the day.

Though these individuals are in highly emotional and demanding situations, they do not get paid as much as nurses, physical therapists, or doctors do. This means that they may lack the resources to pay for couples’ counseling or therapy, which can often help to avoid divorce. They likely feel stressed about their financial situation, which can further erode their relationship with their spouse. Similar to military personnel, healthcare support staff may lack the time, energy, and resources to repair or maintain their marriage.

Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants

As part of their job, flight attendants travel from city to city. This often means staying overnight in hotels to wait for the next flight they must work. Sometimes they are on call for days at a time and are unable to see or speak to their families while they work. These hours can make it difficult to maintain a relationship, as it is difficult to plan time together with such an erratic schedule. If a couple is looking to get counseling, it may also be difficult to schedule appointments around flights and overnight stays. So much time apart can make it difficult to build a life with someone, and many end up getting divorced.



No one likes to receive calls from telemarketers, but it turns out being on the calling end of things is not so pleasant either. Telemarketing is a repetitive job with little room for advancement or job growth. As marketers change their methods frequently, there is little job security. What’s more, the pay is very low with very few rewards and perks.

These kinds of jobs breed unhappiness, resentment, and mental illness. Many people suffer low self-esteem when their job does not give them fulfillment or reward for their work. Telemarketing is one such job, and employees bring their frustration home to their spouses. This can quickly damage even the most stable of marriages.

Lowest Divorce Rates

It is worth noting that not all professions have a grim outlook as far as divorce is concerned. There are many common professions that have particularly low divorce rates, which can provide hope for some couples. Some of the professions with the lowest divorce rates include:

  • Actuaries
  • Clergy members
  • Scientists
  • Software developers
  • Physicians and surgeons
  • Chemical engineers

marriage counseling

While a job in one of these fields cannot guarantee that a couple will not get divorced, it does illustrate a key point about the connection between jobs and divorce. Many of the above positions offer competitive salaries and benefits are often included. With the additional income and healthcare support, many couples can afford counseling to work through their problems. They also likely have access to mental health support, which can help a marriage even if only one member participates.

Divorce Options for a Smoother Process

For many people, divorce is a frightening situation. Changing one’s entire life and family structure is certainly intimidating, and it can be difficult to traverse the emotions that occur during this time. What’s more, divorce often represents a significant cost. As we have seen, employees with low incomes are more likely to get divorced, meaning that the cost of the process is likely significant.

It may be helpful to know that you have options when it comes to seeking a divorce. There is no single way to get divorced, and you can tailor the process to your unique situation. Though you will have to get legal assistance during this time, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars for a litigation expert. In some cases, divorces can be relatively smooth and peaceful if both parties work together.

Explore Separation

Before you go through the legal process, it can be helpful to explore separation. This allows you and your spouse to get a reprieve from the stress of your marriage without going through the legal divorce process. In some cases, couples find that their problems reside outside of their marriage. Knowing this can save you a significant amount of time, money, and heartache.

Seek Mediation

Many couples find that mediation is a helpful alternative to courtroom litigation when negotiating divorce terms.5 Not only does this save a significant amount of time, it can lower the cost of a divorce significantly. Paying for two attorneys to represent you and your spouse in court can be oppressively expensive. However, with a mediator, there is only one person in the room with you. You and your spouse discuss your assets and how to divide them equally. The mediator is present to help move you through any disagreements and to ensure that your terms are fair and legal.

Though you will still have to appear in court for your divorce to be official, this can be a great way to negotiate the terms of your divorce. This is especially true if you and your spouse are divorcing fairly amicably and can communicate with one another with a professional present.

Disclose All Assets

Some people believe that hiding assets will help them to retain 100% of those hidden assets during a divorce. This never works the way it is intended and only slows the divorce process down. The court nearly always finds the hidden assets, and they may need to ensure that you aren’t hiding anything else. This can extend the court process and add additional fees and fines for both you and your spouse.

Use Online Document Drafting

Use Online Document Drafting

Rather than hiring an in-person attorney to draft your divorce documents, it can help to use online document drafting services. An online legal document preparer can save you time and money, while still giving you the professional divorce documents required to make your divorce legally binding. These documents are created and reviewed by attorneys who understand the needs of couples and the challenges of the divorce process. You can feel confident about your divorce documents without spending unnecessary money and time on expensive in-person divorce document drafting.

*Editor’s Note: This article was originally published Mar 13, 2018 and has been updated July 18, 2022.


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