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Drafting Legal Docs Should Be Easy!

Yet, legal matters are confusing!

Don’t feel alone, legal paperwork and even the idea of a courtroom can be really intimidating. State laws and strict rules of procedure can adversely affect your case. Rest assured we are here to offer both surety and a helping hand through these difficult and confusing times.

Draft My Legal Docs is a legal document drafting and preparation service that helps you deal with the challenges that arise with the drafting, preparation, and filing of legal documents in the areas of family and divorce law. We offer over 50+ different types of legal documents and/or pleadings that will help you navigate your family or divorce law case.

Drafting Legal Docs Should Be Easy

Family and Divorce Case Legal Document Preparation Services


We offer services for any individual involved in or looking to initiate a family or divorce law case. We also offer guidance and our professional oath that you will be treated with the utmost care and professionalism during these stressful times. We are located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, which allows us to help individuals throughout the state of Arizona.


ALL of our legal documents are drafted and reviewed by a licensed attorney. While we are aware that we are not the only company out there that provides legal document drafting and preparation services, we give a personal touch that far dwarfs our competition. In family and divorce law there is no one size fits all template to drafting legal documents. Therefore, it is our continuing mission to ensure that your legal documents are detailed, accurate, and abides by all applicable state rules and statutes.


Choosing Draft My Legal Docs is a decision that will help alleviate the stress and complexities involved in any given court case. Our customers are confident in the services they are receiving because they know that their needs are being serviced by legal professionals. Only Licensed Attorneys draft and review your paperwork which is a vital consideration when purchasing legal documents for your court case. All of our legal documents are customized to your individual needs and specifications.

Draft My Legal Docs Mission Statement

The mission of Draft My Legal Docs is to provide a helping hand to those entangled in the complicated and difficult process of court cases. We offer reliable and affordable legal documents to aid individuals with family law or divorce matters, including divorce, custody, child support, modification, and enforcement. Our goal is to ensure that all clients have the resources they need to navigate the court system confidently and effectively.

Meet our Legal Team

Meet our Legal Team

Our talented and dedicated team of legal professionals are committed to helping our clients feel empowered and confident when going through the court system. We understand that these are difficult times, which is why we strive to provide the best service possible and make sure that every client is taken care of.

Meet our amazing team!

Draft My Legal Docs Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions page has all the answers to your questions about our services and legal documents. We understand that court cases can be complicated and stressful, so our FAQ page is here to provide you with easy-to-understand information about our services, the process for filing documents, and more. Whether you’re looking for a quick overview or detailed steps on how to get started, this page will help guide you through the entire experience.

Draft My Legal Docs Client Testimonials

During my divorce case I needed help with filing an RMC Statement.  After a little research I came across Draft My Legal Docs and decided to give them a call.  The staff at Draft My Legal Docs are awesome!  They listened to what had transpired so far in my case and drafted an RMC Statement that clearly expressed my position on every aspect of my divorce case.

- John S.
After my ex failed to pay child support for two years, I decided that enough was enough.  Unable to afford an attorney, I called Draft My Legal Docs for assistance.  Mr. Reppucci was the attorney who drafted my Petition to Enforce Child Support.  The detail and quality of my petition was more than I ever expected.

–Debra S.
During my initial consultation, attorney Jonathan Roeder helped me figure out the appropriate legal documentation I needed to begin my child custody case.  He was compassionate and caring to my cause and very knowledgeable about family law proceedings.  After filling out my online questionnaire, Mr. Roeder had a very detailed Petition for my review the next day.  Thank you Draft My Legal Docs!

–Brandon R.

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We work to provide all of our clients with peace of mind.

In any given Family Law Court case there are a myriad of laws, timelines, and procedures that must be followed. Hiring an attorney for your case may simply be out of your budget… that is where we step in!

We created Draft My Legal Docs to help individuals throughout the state of Arizona with affordable legal document preparation services. Please contact us anytime to learn more.

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