Affordable Family Law Services in Arizona

Family Law Services

Affordable Family Law Services in Arizona

All of your documents are drafted and reviewed by a licensed attorney

Get The Documents and Support Needed for Arizona Family Law Cases

From divorce paperwork to child support enforcement, we offer an affordable service to help you protect your legal rights. With a focus on family law, our expert team can ensure you have answers to all of your questions as well as access to professional advice, document reviewing, filing and more.

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Legal Docs During Your Case


Legal Docs During Your Case


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FAQs About How Draft My Legal Docs Services Work

Draft My Legal Docs offers two different packages that come with their own services. In our standard packages, we do not cover court filing fees. In our all-inclusive package, we cover any and all court filing fees where they are applicable, as well as a courier service.

Our documents for Arizona family law cases are hand-crafted by attorneys, and attorneys alone. Highly qualified and experienced attorneys work diligently on your required documents to deliver you the very best documentation to give you a significant step-up before, during, and after your case. We are confident that we can give you the world-class experience that you deserve. In the event that we do not meet your expectations, we proudly offer unlimited revisions to help guarantee your complete satisfaction.

As soon as we receive your completed questionnaire, we send your information straight to one of our licensed attorneys. Generally, there will be a 72 business hour turnaround time from when we receive your order to when you receive your legal documentation. From there, you are free to request any revisions that you want. We take this approach so that you can receive accurately completed documents when and how you need them. As soon as you authorize the final document, we will file it for you and have it sent to the court or any opposing parties.

While you are able to submit your own paperwork to a court, it is recommended that you consult with an attorney first before filing your documents. There can be a great deal of uncertainty regarding what exactly you need for your specific case, and correctly selecting the appropriate paperwork can be a complicated and stressful process. 

It is highly recommended that you speak with an attorney before attempting to file any paperwork yourself. By doing so, you can greatly reduce the chances of forgetting to file important documentation, filing the wrong documentation, or making mistakes on correctly chosen documentation. All of these can cost you a great deal of time and money because your case cannot proceed until you have completed the documentation process over again.

In criminal cases, you have a constitutional right to an attorney. In civil cases, you are not automatically afforded the right to an attorney. While it is possible to navigate a civil case without an attorney, you will likely face challenges and documentation issues that you may not have an answer to. At the very least, seeking advice from an attorney is a smart decision before you proceed with beginning your case. Oftentimes, court cases have a significant impact on both parties that can have wide-reaching implications. The course of your life can be altered due to a single court ruling, so do not make the mistake of arriving unprepared.

A reputable attorney or legal document service should provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee regarding any documents you may need during your court proceedings. We are able to meet this standard by offering timely, unlimited revisions to any legal documents you order. This guarantee extends to both our standard and all-inclusive document preparation packages. We want to ensure that you receive the most customizable and highest quality legal documents for Arizona family law cases.

Your privacy is your priority, and it should be the priority of any attorney or document service. Everything we do has your best interests in mind. We do not share your information with anyone outside our team of legal experts, and internal discussion of your information occurs strictly on a need-to-know basis. Our servers are equipped with top-of-the-line encryption software and are routinely checked for any breach attempts. We know how sensitive your personally identifying information truly is, especially in legal matters where an information leak can compromise a case.

Draft My Legal Docs offers the creation and filing of legal documents for Arizona family law cases. There is no legal responsibility for the attorney who worked on your documentation to represent you in court. The attorneys we work with are only hired on the basis of providing customized legal documentation to clients. Our attorneys can give you recommendations regarding how to approach your court case, as well as what types of attorneys you should hire to represent you during your case.

It is commonly believed that if a party that you make regular child support, spousal support, or other payments to passes away, the court will automatically update its records and remove any obligations regarding the deceased. This is not the case, however; you are required to notify the court of such happenings. 

If the court is not notified, you run the risk of overpaying and not having your money returned to you, as the court is not liable to pursue any refunds on your behalf. You will need to file a document called a Petition to Stop Support Payment, along with appropriate supporting evidence. It’s important to speak with an attorney to discuss the options available to you and how to properly file this document.

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