Resolution Management Conference Statement

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A Resolution Management Conference Statement is a legal document filed with the Court prior to a Resolution Management Conference (“RMC”). The RMC Statement contains the party’s position on issues to be addressed at the upcoming RMC and is due not less than 5 days before the RMC. The judge will use the parties’ statements to determine areas where the parties are in agreement as well as narrow the issues down for trial or further hearing.

  • Distribution of Property
  • Distribution of Debts and Assets
  • Legal Decision-Making (if minor children are involved)
  • Parenting Time (if minor children are involved)
  • Child Support (if minor children are involved)
  • Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)

The RMC Statement should contain a short statement of the filing party’s position on each issue in the case. The position should be supported with simple, short statements of fact. For example: “Mother’s position is that she should be awarded sole legal-decision making because Father has been convicted of selling narcotics.” The RMC Statement may also include the filing party’s position on issues such as:

  • If there are disputed custody, access or visitation issues, a specific proposal for custody and parenting time.
  • If there are disputed issues regarding division of property, a current and detailed Inventory of Property and Debts, together with a summary proposal by each party as to how the property and assets should be divided. If possible, the Court prefers a one-page statement of all property except personal property items valued at less than $500 each.
  • If spousal maintenance is requested and disputed, each party shall state the amount and duration of spousal maintenance requested.
  • If division of debts is an issue, the parties shall prepare and exchange a list of all debts, including creditor’s name, amount of debt, monthly payment amount, the reason the debt was incurred, who should pay the debt, and all of the information required by A.R.S. §25- 318(H). 8. If there is a disputed issue regarding the payment of attorney’s fees by either party, an affidavit of the attorney’s fees claimed submitted in accordance with the requirements of Rule 78(D), Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure.
  • List of the party’s Exhibits.
  • List of the party’s Witnesses.
  • If there are any agreements between the parties.
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