Request for Production of Documents and Things

*Standard Pricing does not include court filing and filing fees, courier service fees, and process server fees (if any).



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  • Attorney Drafted Document(s)
  • Notary Service
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  • Unlimited Support
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  • Rush Delivery (72-hour turnaround time)
  • Courier Service (if applicable)
  • Court Filing Fee (if applicable)
  • Filing with the Court (if applicable)
  • Notice and/or Service on Opposing Party

A Request for Production of Documents and Things is a written request by one party to another that they produce certain documents or electronically stored information. These requests are often used for purposes of obtaining documents and/or information that a party might try to hide during their legal proceeding or documents and/or information that cannot be obtained by the requesting party alone. The most common documents and/or information requested include but are not limited to:

  • Tax Returns
  • Health Insurance Information
  • Employment Information
  • Minor Child(ren)’s School Records
  • Banking, Savings, Money Market, 401k, and/or IRA Accounts and Statements
  • Housing Contracts
  • Real Property Deeds.
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