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A Parenting Plan is a supporting document that is filed with the Court when there are issues involving legal decision-making and parenting time over minor children. A Parenting Plan will usually be by agreement of the parties; however, if the parties cannot agree a judge can enter a Parenting Plan as an order his or herself. A detailed and well-written Parenting Plan can help avoid and/or alleviate conflicts between the parties. Standard Parenting Plans often include:

  • Designation of the legal decision-making authority;
  • Each parent’s rights and responsibilities for the care of the child(ren) and decisions in areas such as education, health care, and religious upbringing;
  • A practical schedule of parenting time for the child(ren) including holidays and school vacations;
  • Where and how the exchange of children will take place;
  • How often the plan should be reviewed and possibly modified; and
  • How the parents should communicate about the child(ren), such as email, text, etc.
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