Motion to Set Resolution Management Conference

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A Motion to Set Resolution Management Conference is a legal document filed with the Court in which the moving party requests that a date be set for a Resolution Management Conference (hereinafter “RMC”). A RMC is hearing where the parties meet and attempt to resolve as many issues as possible before proceeding to trial.  If the parties come to any agreements, they can have the judge enter those agreements as an order or valid Rule 69 agreement(s) of the parties. This will narrow down the remaining issues in the legal matter for the judge. During the RMC, the court may:

  • Enter any binding agreement(s) on the record
  • Determine the position of the parties and explore reasonable solutions to the disputed issues to help facilitate a settlement
  • Enter temporary orders based on the stipulations, discussions, avowals, and arguments presented without an evidentiary hearing on the issues
  • Order evaluations, assessments, appraisals, testing, appointments, or other special procedures needed to manage the case and resolve issues
  • Schedule an evidentiary hearing, trial date and other hearings or conferences
  • Resolve discovery and disclosure disputes or adopt any agreements about such
  • Eliminate claims or defenses that do not have any merit
  • Allow the parties time to amend their petition or answers
  • Assist the parties in finding issues of fact and law that are still at issue
  • Refer the parties a settlement conference

Once the Motion to Set Resolution Management Conference is filed, the Court will typically set a RMC within sixty (60) days of the request.

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