Motion/Petition for Conciliation Services

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Conciliation Court Services is offered by the Superior Court for married parties who are considering or who are in the process of divorce. The purpose in offering Conciliation Services is to assist parties in making “an informed and thoughtful decision regarding their marital relationship.”  If either of the parties feel that this service would be a benefit to them, they can file a Motion/Petition for Conciliation Services. If the Motion/Petition is granted and there is no pending Petition for Dissolution or Legal Separation before the Court, no party may file a Petition for Dissolution or Legal Separation for sixty (60) days (“cooling off period”). If the Petition/Motion is filed after there is a pending Petition for Dissolution or Legal Separation before the Court, then all further proceedings will be stayed (put on hold) for sixty (60) days.

Once approved, the parties will be required to attend a mandatory conference. These conferences are conducted by marriage and family professionals and are confidential. After attendance, the parties may be referred to community-based services for further assistance if the parties indicate an interest in those services.

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